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Aladdin - Selladoor

Aladdin at Catford Broadway Theatre, for Selladoor

Costume & Set design  - Richard Evans

Costume Supervisor - Ani Stafford-Townsend

Millinery - Ani Stafford-Townsend

Costumes - Rose Savage, Lottie Chamberlain, Emily Molyneux & others

Queen’s Birthday Party in Italy

Milliners’ Guild to showcase British millinery at Queen’s Birthday Party in Italy

Milliners’ Guild has been invited by the British Embassy in Italy to showcase British millinery at its Queen’s Birthday Party events in Naples and Rome this June.

The exclusive events will feature an exhibition of work from 12 British milliners, and a talk with demonstration from Milliners’ Guild founder Ani Stafford-Townsend.

Around 3,000 guests are expected to attend the events.

To secure the best that British millinery has to offer, Milliners’ Guild ran a contest open to all milliners hand-making their own work in Britain. The final selection features millinery from some of the most exciting milliners in Britain right now. Some are British born, others are not; all are currently practicing Millinery in Britain today.

Ani Stafford-Townsend, said: “it’s an honour to have been invited to take part in this event, and it really shows how hats are becoming increasingly popular again; especially with the recent Royal Wedding. We’ve been impressed with the submissions we’ve received, and will be delighted to showcase the variety and strength of British milliners”.



‘Elysium’ – Jag Props/Celebrity Cruises, 2016

Millinery, headdresses, and wig pieces to original design specifications by Jag Props, as pictured. Designed and Commissioned by Jag Props for Celebrity Cruises. Photo courtesy of Jag Props.


Ready to wear and bespoke pieces available

Daughters Of Neptune

Daughters of Neptune is Ani Stafford-Townsend Millinery’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection, available from Milliners’ Guild, Bristol, UK and HatBox, Texas, USA  . Themed around oceanic imagery, the myths it has inspired, and the threats it faces, the collection takes Ani’s hallmark sculptural flair into the spirals, curves, and swirls of the maritime world.

With aquas and coral shades set to be the major colours of the season, Daughters of Neptune places these colours in their natural setting. Featuring coral, sea anemone, squid, octopuses, and the dramatic piece de resistance, “Queen of the Sea”, the collection showcases nature’s own splendour.

Twin sisters Leela & Yasmin embody the idea of Neptune’s daughters, brought into vivid relief as a pair of mermaids, and captured by photographer John Barwood. From the bath shoot courtesy of Yellow Duck Interiors, to on location shots in the Penguin House of Bristol Zoo, Daughters of Neptune captures the elegance, adventure, and magic of millinery